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Payday loans lenders direct -You want money, direct payday loans online are here

You want money, direct payday loans online are here!!

When you have a family, made up of several children, economic contingencies are never leftover. There are always invoices payable and financial obligations that cannot be set aside.

From the payment of universities, colleges or extracurricular activities, coverage of medical expenses of any disease or, any other unforeseen situation, it can affect your budget, leading you to look for options that help you get out of debt.

And, for that reason, direct payday loans online via GAD journey will always be your best allies to deal with these situations.

Are small financial aids that you grant entities to different people so that they can quickly solve the economic situations that are presented to them. These small credits are usually returned within a maximum period of no more than 31 days.

Some of the things you should know about online mini-credits at the moment are the following:

The amounts granted through online mini-credits at the moment are not greater than 900 dollars since they were created to meet specific financial situations.

The speed with which the online mini-credits are granted at the moment is one of its greatest benefits. In addition, these companies also do not require many procedures such as payroll or guarantees for granting them.

If what you want is a financial “mattress” that you can have to cover the extra expenses of your wedding or of the vacations that you deserve so much, what you need are the loans at the moment online so that you can fulfill all that without worries.

And it is that loans at the moment online are very simple and easy to obtain because, as indicated by their name, the entire process to apply for them is done through the internet.

The steps to apply for loans online are as follows:

First, find on the internet the lender that offers the conditions that suit you. Sign up on their website and enter the personal information they request. They always ask for a full name, mobile phone number, bank account, and email.

After this, you must indicate the amount you require along with the time periods in which you would like to pay the debt. Once you complete this step, the page will indicate the interest rate that you must pay for the loan.

If you accept the loan conditions, the only thing missing will be the approval of the financial institution. If you give a positive response, in a few minutes you will have all the money you requested in your bank account.

We recommend that, if you are going to ask for the loans online, you read the small letters of the contract very well so that you know exactly all the conditions and clauses of the financing plan that you are going to access.

Mini-credits at the moment

Did you forget to pay the debts of domestic services and now you can’t find who to borrow money from? Do not worry! Now you can solve that and other unforeseen financials in the blink of an eye.

How can you do it? Going to the mini-credits at the moment. With them, you can face any economic situation that comes your way without any complications or having to go to traditional banks.

The mini-credits at the moment are small financial aids that are granted so that you can solve specific economic problems. Some of them are payments of service bills, traffic fines, among others.

The mini-credits at the moment are usually granted for up to 600 dollars, depending on the credit company where you request it.

Credits at the moment

Now, if what you need is immediate money to cover the medical expenses of unexpected illness and you have no one to turn to, the best option is the credits at the moment.

Since with the credits at the moment you can get all the money you need without having to meet a large number of requirements that traditional banks ask for.

  • If you want to request the credits at the moment you just have to meet the following requirements:
  • You must be of legal age and have identification documents.
  • You should not be included in delinquent lists such as RAI or ASNEF.
  • You must have your own bank account and you must have a credit card.
Christian Debt Consolidation

Is this the end of the fashion for payday loans or just a change in the needs of borrowers?



Preliminary data show that in 2017, approximately 1.5 million Poles benefited from payday loans. This is a lot, but a similar number of clients of loan companies was recorded in the previous year (1.56 million according to the report of the Conference of Financial Enterprises). The weaker growth dynamics of the non-bank loans market have been talked about for many months, and its main reason is to be the improving financial situation of Polish families as a result of the 500 plus program. Does this mean that loan companies need to worry about their future? Not necessarily.

Polish families no longer needed?

Polish families no longer needed?

For many years payday loans were seen as loans for desperates, people with such a bad financial situation that they were unable to use banking services. Before the loan market was regulated, payday loans were granted to almost everyone without examining their creditworthiness, which in turn led to pathological situations when horrendously expensive loans went to indebted people and compounded their financial problems. The truth is, however, that for many families the opportunity to borrow at least a few hundred USD in this way was sometimes the only salvation – thanks to payday loans, people with extremely low incomes could pay overdue bills, fill up deficiencies in the fridge, or buy winter shoes for children. With the introduction of the 500 plus program, this type of loan is no longer needed.

This is confirmed by the report published in August 2017 by the Credit Information Bureau on the impact of the 500+ program on the debt of Polish families. It stated that for 27% of the respondents, the benefits of the 500+ program helped to avoid getting in debt with loan companies, and around 30% of those already in debt with such companies and banks could finally pay off their arrears. Therefore, the data show that the 500 plus program has indeed improved the financial situation of the poorest families who no longer need a payday loan to save the home budget.

Growing consumption favors the credit and loan market

Growing consumption favors the credit and loan market

For many months in Poland we have had great indicators regarding economic growth and GDP, and as it turns out, their main driving force is private consumption, purchases. The increase in income caused by higher wages and the monthly cash injection under the 500+ program not only limited the process of borrowing money for repayment of debt, but even encouraged Polish families to spend more. So we can observe the surprising effect of the increase in wealth – the more money we have, the more money we spend, and… we are more willing to incur obligations. The newest indicator of the Consumer Finance Market Barometer shows the good prospects for the consumer credit market (both bank and non-bank), which shows the tendency for household indebtedness in Poland. Its value in the fourth quarter of 2017 increased from 55.5 to 56 points, which means that in the coming months we should observe an increase in interest in consumer loans. The question is whether they will be short-term payday loans or maybe installment loans?

Payday loans versus installment loans

Payday loans versus installment loans

Typical payday loans, i.e. low-value loans with a repayment period of up to 30 days, are today granted mainly via the Internet and this can prove to be a great strength in competing with, for example, bank loans. Loan companies have not been idle for the past few months, but have worked intensively on improving the offer and modernizing the technology that affects the speed and convenience of applying for an online loan. – Today, the market is won primarily by companies that have simple formalities and transfer money quickly, in a few minutes instead of days.

The degree of technical sophistication of the company providing payday loans is a key factor that determines its success. Promotions such as “first loan for free” are equally important, but it is clear that payday loans are increasingly losing with installment loans, which are still on the market. It is likely that there is a greater demand for higher loan amounts that are easier to pay back in installments than once per month, as is the case with a classic payday loan. “

Payday loans with a deadline of up to 30 days are incurred primarily in amounts of up to $ 1,000, which is intended to cover current expenses. So they are mainly used by young people who reach for such loans simply via a smartphone. These types of loans are not available in banks, which also means that online payday loans do not have to worry about their future. Companies offering them should, however, accept that when buying more expensive consumer goods, consumers prefer installment loans, and according to experts, they will be more popular in the coming months.

5 Ways To Avoid Being Loan

Debt is a fairly popular way to get funding. Besides being able to get goods in advance, debt can also help business development. However, debt can jeopardize your financial situation in the future, if you do not take into account the time and amount of payment

If you are in debt or plan to be in debt, you should pay attention to the following tips to prevent debt bondage:


5 Ways To Avoid Loan Debt

1. Financial Planning

1. Financial Planning

You are indeed required to plan your payment system and financial budget before you owe. If you immediately take out a loan without thinking about the payment, obviously you will have trouble paying it. Do not let the debt actually bring losses rather than profits.


2. Saving Periodically

Set aside some of your money to save. Having your personal savings will help you whenever you need them. We never know what will happen in the future.

You may be required to spend large sums of money for sudden needs that cause you to not be able to pay debts. With savings, things like this can be avoided. You can use your savings to pay off your debt repayments. In accordance with the old adage, diligently saving the base of the rich.


3. Not Wasting Money

3. Not Wasting Money

You must be able to distinguish which needs, which become desires. Don’t make your wish number 1 for your expenses. You must be able to hold back and be smart to consider what comes first.

Make the most of your money. Don’t follow the trends too much, because the changing times are endless. You should prioritize your needs, so that your financial allocation is good and certainly will not make you run out of money and ultimately owe.


4. Avoid Buying Expensive Branded Goods

Perhaps many of you, assess an item from the brand of that item. Even though we all know that brands do not determine the quality of the goods, a sense of desire to own branded goods is inevitable. As a result, your expenses are not controlled and require you to owe.


5. Avoid being indebted for things that are not productive

debt loan

If you owe it only because you want to satisfy your desires and not for your future, you should discourage these intentions. Not being in debt will minimize the likelihood of you having a debt.

You better develop what you have by giving loans to others. This, in addition to helping others, can also provide benefits for you. One of them is through investment.

By investing your money in the right place, you don’t need to fear your money won’t come back. Try checking CoinDoes as a peer-to-peer lending platform that is officially registered and supervised by the OJK. CoinDoes can give you the opportunity to invest in an easy, safe and fast way starting from $ 100,000 with effective interest starting at 19% per year.

Start improving your financial system now with CoinDoes peer to peer lending investment. Don’t delay making changes in your finances. Start by recognizing your habits that make you owe, and prevent them from happening again.

Common Mistakes of Unsecured Personal Loans

Taking a loan to buy goods or finance other needs is a common step. However, among the many loan products offered by banking institutions, individual loans without collateral or better known as Unsecured Loans (KTA) are considered as one of the best.

In contrast to other loan application procedures, unsecured loans only require customers to answer a number of basic questions and even credit applications can be approved by the bank in a short amount of time. In general, banks as creditors only need 15 to 30 minutes to get approval to withdraw money even though some banks still need more time, starting from 24 hours to 5 working days.

According to a survey conducted, although unsecured personal loans or KTA are very effective, it turns out that many customers actually lose more money and are trapped in a larger forest circle. This of course resulted in the emergence of various serious problems relating to finance and personal life.

Well, here are 7 common mistakes that are often made by people when applying for loans without collateral. The following mistakes may seem simple, but if they are not properly addressed, they can create more serious problems.


Forced Loans

Forced Loans

Getting a loan means you have agreed to commit, so consider carefully. Carefully consider the purpose of your loan application to the bank. Don’t force yourself to borrow money from the bank just for something that might not be too important. Give a priority scale to any pressing needs that require an injection of funds from unsecured personal loans.


Don’t Have a Long-Term Plan


Applying for a loan without being based on a plan can lead you to serious problems. When you borrow from a bank it is important to always consider your financial condition in the long run as a result of your obligation to pay installments. Make sure that your income every month is enough to pay off debt and enough to meet the needs of you and your family everyday and do not forget to save. Never take the forest if it will only destroy your life. Therefore, consider carefully about the future, especially about how you will pay installments and where you get to pay these installments.


Document Not Complete

loan problem

Every customer is required to prove to the bank that he is able to repay the loan on time. One of the things that provides this ability is the completeness of the document. When you submit incomplete documents, your credit application will be hampered. This can be used by banks as an indication that you are a type of person who is ‘poorly prepared’ and is considered a risky debtor. Therefore, prepare all documents properly before you go to the bank to apply for credit.



Every customer is required to fill out a loan form honestly. Try to be honest because the bank can reject your application if it is coming that you are dishonest. If there are indeed things that you are reluctant to disclose, then consult with the bank clerk whether you are allowed to not disclose it.


Borrowing for Others

Borrowing for Others

Not a few people apply for unsecured individual loans with their names but the money is used by others. This is a very dangerous step because after all the name registered with the bank is responsible for returning the loan. If in the future, the person who uses the money leaves and does not pay off the loan, the bank will collect the name.


Ignore Fine-print

personal loan

Every credit application must be based on a contract. Behind the contract is a small writing. Read the information contained there carefully and carefully before you sign it.


Forgot to Comparison

loan problem

If you don’t try to compare one bank to another, you will most likely find a bank that has high interest rates. Therefore, don’t forget to first compare several different banks for unsecured personal loan products so that you find the lowest interest loan.

Instant student loan | Low interest rate with instant approval


During the course of the course, the students quickly realize that it will not work without external funds: the parents may not be able to provide the support that the student would need. At the same time, there is no entitlement to credit aid – even a part-time job must first be found and then mastered in addition to the studies, which depending on the subject, is not even theoretically feasible without the study suffering. However, here are some ways that students can get a loan:

Fast money for students

Fast money for students

Not everyone plans in the long term and with foresight, and in the short term, the need for financing can ultimately arise. In principle, there is the possibility to take out a loan with an instant approval on the Internet: these are special loans from mostly Swiss, but sometimes also Austrian or Spanish banks, which have been specifically designed for the German market and are offered through German loan brokers.

Due to the missing credit bureau query for a Swiss loan, the conditions under which these loans are granted are quite strict. Accordingly, students are mostly left out of Swiss loans. A fixed employment relationship is required and the income must have a certain amount. credit aid payments are not counted as income.

Alternative to instant credit

Alternative to instant credit

Although students are not able to take out an instant loan, they have other options to have their studies financed by a bank: an important issue here is the capital lender’s educational loan. Since the amount of the existing income or the income of the parents does not represent any restriction, both the other requirements and the modalities of the loan itself are clearly outlined.

The maximum loan amount for the capital lender education loan is 7200 USD, with the amount being paid in installments of either 300, 200 or 100 USD. The minimum term is three months, the maximum term is 2 years. The loan must be repaid later, and capital lender banks charge moderate interest rates.

It does not necessarily have to be capital lender-Bank, other banks also grant educational loans to students, for example some savings banks and Deutsche Bank. With these loans, creditworthiness is always required and also here a monthly or installment payment takes place, the loan is later repaid with interest. It is advisable to compare the providers before concluding a loan contract in order to find the lowest possible interest rate.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

Credit without bank | Borrowers does have advantages

When it comes to loans without collateral, the loan without a bank should not go unmentioned. This alternative form of borrowing money is becoming increasingly important and is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. If there is no bank involved, it is more serious for many loan seekers and they do not feel ripped off, even if they may have to pay higher interest rates. But how does it work with credit without a bank. Who lends the money and how to find the right people on the Internet.

Special platforms like Lite Lender and Astro Finance

Special platforms like Lite Lender and Astro Finance

Real virtual credit marketplaces have been established, where people can be found who want to lend money and people who want to borrow money. Private investors are highly motivated, because lending money to private individuals can generate significantly more returns today than investing in overnight or time deposits. Lending money is very attractive in terms of yield and therefore there are more and more private investors who are willing to lend part of their savings to strangers.

What advantage do borrowers have

What advantage do borrowers have

When loan seekers turn to a platform where credit can be obtained without a bank, they usually have very special wishes that are usually more difficult to fulfill through a bank. There can hardly be any other reasons, because even if the loan is not granted by a bank, at least one bank is interposed and the credit rating must also be in order.

But unlike when you go to the bank, you often get your loan from several private investors, but you don’t get to know them privately. If someone needs 5,000 USD credit and presents his project on the platform, it may be that five, six, seven or even more private donors invest their money in the project. The settlement is carried out by a bank, but the money comes from private individuals and goes back to private individuals.

The advantage is that there are hardly any restrictions. Anything you like is allowed. The finest things are financed here. This ranges from a gift for a milestone birthday to a driver’s license to setting up a shop.

Credit without a bank, not without a credit rating

Credit without a bank, not without a credit rating

However, anyone who believes that everyone gets a loan without a bank because creditworthiness is irrelevant is wrong. Of course, creditworthiness is a prerequisite, because the donors want their invested capital back with interest.

How to Make a Multipurpose Credit Payment

Multipurpose credit or KMG is a type of loan that is now increasingly in demand by the community. As the name implies, KMG has a variety of uses. You can use this type of loan to meet all kinds of your needs provided you have valuable items that can be used as collateral, the type of collateral that is usually used for this type of loan is collateral in the form of land or buildings. In general, multipurpose credit requirements are not much different from the types of bank loans and other financial institutions, namely the borrower must complete documents such as KTP, Marriage Certificate (if married) Family Card, Salary Slip, Bank Savings Account, photo, NPWP , letter of submission collateral, and credit application.In Indonesia alone there are two KMG service provider institutions, namely banks and finance companies.


Multipurpose credit loan vs other loans

credit loan vs other loans

Multipurpose credit loans usually require a longer process when compared to other loan products The bank or multifinance institution will usually provide news at least 2 weeks to approve the loan application that you submit. That is because the lender must carefully examine whether the collateral you have provided is acceptable or not. That way the nature of this loan cannot be used to meet very urgent needs.

Multipurpose loans are usually used by community members to open professional businesses, finance education and investment needs in large enough quantities. For charging interest rates to borrowers, multipurpose loans use three types of interest rates, namely effective interest rates, flat interest rates, and floating interest rates. Then how is this multipurpose credit payment? Is the payment method the same as other loan products? The following is an explanation of how to pay multipurpose loans that may be useful to be used as an illustration before you decide to apply for this type of loan.

The bank or multifinance institution that provides multipurpose loan services is always trying to provide the best service for its customers. The bank or multifinance institution will provide facilities for the borrowers to make loan repayment payments every month. Multipurpose credit loan installment payments can be paid by transferring services between banks via ATM, making deposits directly to the teller, or through auto debits from the debtor’s account. For customers who already have savings at a bank that provides credit funds, the bank will apply auto debits in accordance with mutually agreed agreements.


Auto Debit

Auto Debit

Auto debit is an electronic payment made directly from a bank account. This type of payment allows the bank to withdraw a certain amount of funds from the borrower’s account to pay installments. This type of payment through auto debit is considered to be more practical and easier, because it has been systemized automatically, so you don’t have to worry about being late in making loan repayments because of forgetting or due to other obstacles. In addition to providing loan installment payment facilities, auto debit can also be used for a variety of other payments, such as installments for purchases of goods, payments for telephone, electricity and others


Multipurpose loan repayment

loan repayment

One thing you need to remember during the multi- purpose loan repayment period in Milliki is that the types of interest rates imposed by this type of multipurpose loans do not always use flat or fixed interest rates. So the amount of installments to be paid in the first year may have a difference with the amount of installments to be paid in subsequent years. As for the maturity period itself, the loan installment payment will usually be determined on the same date as when you make the first installment payment.

Thus the explanation of how to make multipurpose credit payments that you can make an illustration before applying for this loan. Make sure you know the due date and clearly understand how to repay multipurpose loan installments to minimize the undesirable things during the loan repayment period.

Find Loans with the Lowest Interest

When you plan to apply for loan funds to meet your funding needs for various purposes, you should not forget to consider choosing the lowest interest loan. This is not only necessary for those of you who want to get a loan with a guarantee or an unsecured loan application. Some people sometimes pay little attention to aspects of loan interest rates offered because they are tempted by the process of filing and fast approval to withdraw the loan. As the party applying for a loan, you should not act rashly without considering various things to get the loan you need. You might be pressured by conditions like your family’s or other operating costs. However, by thinking more wisely and calmly, you are more likely to get the loan funds you need with the lowest interest rates which will later make the loan payment process more convenient.


Before you decide to apply for a loan

apply for a loan

You should pay attention to a number of things specifically related to the loan repayment process later including interest rates that must be paid with the principal loan fund. You can compare each interest offered in a credit program or a lending institution to one another. You should choose the loan with the lowest interest rate so that you can more smoothly and comfortably repay the loan every month. If you still think that it is important to choose the lowest interest loan facility, here are some reasons why this is important to do.


The lowest interest rate will make your monthly payments feel lighter

The lowest interest rate will make your monthly payments feel lighter

You certainly understand that every financial institution that provides a loan facility has determined the amount of the loan interest rate which will also be part of your monthly installments. With a low and stable interest rate, this will definitely make you more comfortable in managing your expenses each month to pay off your loan.

In addition, another advantage why you are highly recommended to find loans with the lowest interest rates is that the low interest will make your installments can be paid off quickly. You certainly do not want to get a very large discount from your income each month to pay interest rates and loan installments. When you have a loan with the lowest interest rate, this will make you more comfortable in the repayment process because you do not need to overdue payments. And, if you can become a responsible debtor by paying bills in accordance with the specified time, then you will get the trust of the loan fund provider if you later apply for a loan again.


Choosing a loan with the lowest interest rate

Choosing a loan with the lowest interest rate

It is that you can fulfill various other living needs more optimally. Your monthly income is certainly not only intended to pay the loan bills that you submit, but you also have to meet some other living needs such as food, electricity, water, children’s education costs, or others. When you find loan funds with low interest, your discounted income to pay installments and loan installments will certainly not be too inflated so that you can still meet the needs of your life and family to the maximum.

From some of these explanations, we can see one of the fundamental reasons why it is very important to choose the lowest interest loan is its relation to your financial problems later, especially in the loan repayment process. Your goal in applying for a loan is to get the additional funds needed to meet various needs, whether urgent or not. If you choose a loan with a high interest rate, you will certainly be more burdened with your monthly payments and installments to repay the loan. Not to mention, if it turns out that you cannot afford to pay the installments on time, the cost you will have will be even higher.


In the loan facility

In the loan facility

You not only focus on the amount of interest offered whether high or low but there are also other other factors such as requirements for loan applications, loan size, loan utilization goals, loan credit limits, loan repayment processes and methods, and loan bill limits. With loan funds that have low interest rates, you can get a solution for your funding needs, but you can also pay it on time and feel lighter.

What To Know Before Making a Loan, Including Online Loan

When we need money for unexpected needs when our financial situation is in a bad condition, the best solution we can do is to borrow money from relatives, the company where we work, banks, individual institutions, both directly and online, or other financial institutions. If you are in that position, then there are a few things you need to know before you make a loan to avoid things you don’t want. To find out what things you need to consider before making a loan, here is a brief explanation


Number of Loans

money loans

When you apply for a loan of funds to the lender there are several conditions that you must meet. If you want to apply for a loan from the bank or other financial institution, then you are required to complete the specified requirements. Usually the bank will check your financial condition by looking at your financial background. For example by checking the status of work, the income you have up to your loan history to other parties. Therefore you should be able to measure your ability before determining the amount of the loan you will propose. Adjust the loan amount to your needs and abilities. Also make sure you are able to repay your money in accordance with the specified time. This also applies if you make loans from individual institutions, both directly and online. Do not let you borrow large amounts of money but you cannot afford to return it. Because if you apply for a loan in a large amount and are unable to repay it, the lender can impose a fine and sue you to pay off the loan you are proposing to the legal route.


Loan Interest Amount

Loan Interest Amount

Before making a loan of funds , you should consider the amount of interest provided by the lender. Loan interest provided by the lender certainly varies from one another. Therefore you need to choose a creditor who gives a low interest on the loan. The amount of interest on the loan is very influential on the installments that you must pay later. You also need to understand the type of interest that is applied and how the interest is calculated, so that you can adjust your ability to pay installments and plan the installment payment strategy in advance. Before making your loan you should ask for an explanation of the calculation of the amount of interest in detail. In this case you need to understand the contents of the agreement that has been agreed by both parties to avoid any misunderstanding. Don’t be tempted by all the lender’s offers that might hurt you. If you borrow money from the bank, then you also need to consider other costs that may apply, such as administrative fees, penalties, or other fees.


Try to Do the Fund’s Poring to Trusted and Experienced Parties

get loan

You need to be careful in choosing creditors or lenders for funds . Make sure you apply for loans from trusted parties such as banking institutions, or financial institutions that have a good reputation. But if you want to make loans through individual institutions, then you need to be more careful, especially if the individual institutions provide loan services online. In this technological age, there are many irresponsible parties who take advantage of the opportunity to commit fraud by offering money lending services online. Before making a loan, you should first examine the background of the institution by checking comments or testimonials given by borrowers who have borrowed money from the institution. In addition, you can also check the background of the institution by visiting several related websites. This needs to be done so that you avoid online money lending fraud.

The three things above are important things you need to know before applying for a loan of funds . By considering these things, then you can also make loans securely to the right and trusted creditor until the loan repayment process later.

Formula for Calculating Different Types of Loan Interest

Calculation Formulas for Different Types of Loan Interest – When you apply for a loan from a bank, you will definitely consider several things in advance such as the type of interest offered, the amount of interest, and the amount of installments you will pay later. But did you ever find out how to calculate the interest on the loan that you submitted?

How to calculate loan interest is indeed not widely known by the public. When in fact knowing how to calculate loan interest is no less important if you are going to apply for a loan to a bank. Each type of loan has a difference in how the interest is calculated. Even though the interest rates are the same, a different calculation will affect the amount of installments that you must pay each month.

In general there are three types of loan interest calculations for all loan products, namely flat interest calculation, effective interest calculation and annuity interest calculation.


Formula for Calculating Different Types of Loan Interest

1. Flat Interest Calculation

1. Flat Interest Calculation

Flat interest rates are the easiest loan interest calculation. By using a flat interest calculation, you will pay the same principal and interest in installments every month. This calculation is usually used to calculate the interest on unsecured loans or unsecured loans. Flat interest rates are referred to as fixed rates where the loan ceiling and the amount of interest will be calculated in balance according to the term of the loan.

The interest value will remain the same every month because it is calculated based on the percentage of interest multiplied by the principal plus the interest every month.

The calculation formula:

Monthly Interest = (P xlxt) / jb


P = principal loan

l = interest rate

t = amount of credit period

jb = number of months in the credit period


2. Effective Interest Calculation

2. Effective Interest Calculation

Calculation of the effective interest rate, also known as sliding rate, is the calculation of loan interest at the end of each installment period. Loan interest is calculated from the final balance each month. Interest is calculated based on the principal amount that has not been paid by the borrower. That way the amount of interest per month will vary according to the principal amount that has not been paid.

The interest value paid by the borrower will decrease every month so that the repayments will decrease from time to time. The second month installments will be smaller than the first month installments, the third month installments are smaller than the second month installments, and so on.

Calculation formula:

Interest = SP xix (30/360)


SP = principal balance of the previous month’s loan

i = annual interest rate

30 = number of days in a month

360 = number of days in a year


3. Calculation of Annuity Interest Rates

An annuity rate calculation is a modification of the effective loan interest calculation. It aims to make it easier for customers to pay installments every month. This loan interest calculation determines the amount of installments each month with the same amount, but the composition of the interest and principal installments will change every period.

The monthly interest value will decrease but the principal installments will increase. This interest calculation makes the portion at the beginning of the loan becomes very large but will gradually decrease in the end of the loan.

Calculation formula:

Interest = SP xix (30/360)


SP = principal balance of the previous month’s loan

i = annual interest rate

30 = number of days in a month

360 = number of days in a year

Note: The formula for calculating an annuity interest is the same as the formula for calculating the effective interest


4. How to Calculate Loan Interest on CoinTerms

4. How to Calculate Loan Interest on CoinTerms

For those of you who apply for a loan at CoinTerms, the monthly interest rate that you must pay will be informed before you approve it, starting from 0.75% to 1.67% per month. However, if you are not a borrower at CoinTerms and are curious about the loan interest, here’s how to calculate loan interest on CoinTerms.

That is the formula for calculating loan interest that is commonly used in every bank loan product. By knowing the loan interest calculation formula, you can find out the loan repayment installments that you must pay each month.

That way you can prepare your finances in advance, so that during the loan installment period you can pay it off on time and in accordance with the provisions provided by the Bank.