Global Land Surface Databank

The databank is currently under construction with a version 1.0.0 monthly temperature holdings under beta release (fourth beta version) and a full release of the first version will occur in 2014. The databank is available from The merged monthly databank product is available from and there is a readme describing the merge method here. Any data hosted on the databank server are available without restriction, but please be cautioned that until a full version release some changes to format are possible. Data is to be made available in four stages:

  • Stage 0: raw data image or information as to hard copy location
  • Stage 1: Data in native format provided
  • Stage 2: Data converted into a common format and with provenance and version control information appended
  • Stage 3: Merged collation of stage 2 data including merging / mingling of records for stations in multiple stage 2 decks.

Not all station records will have data back to stage 0 but all stations will contain provenance information to the extent that it can be uniquely ascertained. We are indebted to many individuals and organizations, not least members of the working group and associated task teams, for helping to collate available records and submit them to the databank.

Analysts wishing to create products from the databank should run their algorithms on at least the recommended merge both in the most recent version and also frozen version 1.0.0 (when released). This latter frozen version will form the basis for the analogs created as part of the benchmarking and assessment.

For more information on the Global Land Surface Databank go to

Map of stations by period of record (note that the longer period of record overplots the shorter period of record) (access map)

Updated January 17, 2014